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Polluted soil ?
Cleanfield knows what to do!


Cleanfield is a Danish Bio/Cleantech company focused on environmental services, including consulting and remediation of oil - polluted soil, oil lakes, oil spills, oil sludge pits, drilling cuttings at well sites by means of techniques like Biobox™ or SensaGUARD™. Cleanfield has its own expertise in engineering, geology, microbiology and field technicians. Cleanfield have access to a wide range of external expertise if your special request will require it.

Cleanfield develops and provides environmental techniques as a service when it comes to soil or water remediation in-situ, on-site or at your production facility.


Pollutant, technique and setup


Soil and water can contain a lot of substances, that deoending on point of view can be a resource, a harzadous pollutant or just a unfortunant addition to natural conditions.  Cleanfield are working with bacteria as the main co-worker, when dealing in degradation of contaminated soil. To do so, we will need to ensure good conditions for the bacteria. Separate oil from water and dry-matter could be one thing to do, reuse of the extracted oil another and excavation and piling of soil a third. We can provide the full range of techniques. All you have to do is to determine what end levels you are aiming for.


Cleanfield provides a full service on the biological remediation process with:

 Remote controlled automatic system setup

 Continuos supervision and monitoring

 On-line feedback from piles

 Equipment, bacteria and reagens all part of the service


Cleanfield can take care of many kinds of pollutants and in many environments, due to specialized bacteria grown for your case.

 Hydro carbons



 and more



Cleanfield develops and deliver these products and services:


 Biobox™ to use on production sites in ex-situ configuration

 Biobox™ for in-situ remediation of polluted soil, when excavation is not an option.

 SensaGUARD - to be sold in specific markets. Detects instantly pollution in pure water.


 Soil handling, when a site needs to be cleaned up

 Specification of suitable method for the actual remediation job

 Project management and site management in clean-up cases 

Add-on products

 Bacteria according to consultancy recommendations

 Agents and nutrients to support accelerated degradation

Contact our nearest sales office for more information.

Remediate poluted soil
- and restore nature's order!


BioBox™ accelerates nature's own ability to degrade pollutants, by stimulating biological activity, by ensuring that pollutants and bacteria actually meets, and by controlling the system toward optimized conditions for the process. Biobox™ is a modularized system, that can be scaled from a small on-site equipment to large off-site production facilities.

The system is delivered as a remediation service, where Biobox™ is applied as a remote controlled remediation unit, configured for Your need case-by-case. Mineral oil, benzenes, PAH or other organic pollutants can be removed by Biobox™, and even Chlorinated pollutants and pesticides, can be treated successfully.

System configuration

How Biobox™ can be used


There may be to good reasons for treating polluted soil on-site. Either you have huge amount of soil to treat (like more than 20.000 ton), you have a on-going production that creates polluted soil (like oil drilling) or you have pollution underneath building, that otherwise should be demolished first.

In these cases Cleanfield can provide either ex-situ og in-situ remediation.

IN-SITU remediation is, when we leave the soil untouched in the ground, and provide injection tubes and extraction tubes into the midst of the pollution.

EX-SITU remediation is when Biobox™ is installed locally for doing remediation in piles. All the soil will then be excavated from the ground and putted into piles. From here we will treat it as if it was done off-site. 


Off-site treatment is done by piling the soil into reasonly huge piles (500-1000 ton/pile), which could be organized in more and less polluted soils, to optimize the process.

Off-site treatment is provided as a service, where all handling of soil, transportation and logistics is done by the local entrepreneur. Cleanfield will provide knowledge, supervision and equipment for the job.

Biobox™ can always be configured for your situation - and restore nature's order for you.

Call us if you want to see how our competences will benefit your business.


What we can do


More than 300 references can be given in Bioremediation in Denmark. References in Europe, Baltic and Russia can also be given, and together with our partner in the US, we can provide you with more than 1000 references of successful Bioremediation projects.


Here is a list of what we can do:

  • Provide leading edge remediation technology
  • Operational logistics, supervision and control
  • Environmental Project Management and reporting
  • Operation of remediation process using Biobox™
  • Remote supervision and monitoring

We can remediate your soil too!

Basic principle for BioBox™

The Biobox™  needs process water to restore nature’s order.  This water typically comes from a collection pond, groundwater supply or a nearby lake. The central unit will measure the quality, and enrich it with the needed reagents and prepare it for injection into the soil.

The water’s quality must be adapted for each pile of soil, in order to create a tolerable biochemical condition in the soil. When this is achieved, bacteria will be introduced, that can live in the local soil conditions and at the same time is optimized for degradation of hydrocarbons.  When the biococktail is ready, it will be distributed into the piles, it has been prepared for, thru an injection system.

BioBox™ will then monitor the process and reclaim the water, that might slip thru the soil and back into a collection pond. The water is now ready for reuse.

During the process on-line and off-line data is collected, and entered into the central database, that Cleanfield is monitoring all the time.

This video will tell you more in details how Biobox™ can restore nature’s order.

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